About Us

Our Story

Lucky’s Legacy was named after my first ever dog named Lucky – who I adopted from the Humane Society of Washington County back at their old building. He was one of those dogs who was cowered in the back of their cage scared to death. However, when I walked up to the cage he slowly walked up to me and started licking my hand. Needless to say he came home with me since he was at high risk for euthanasia. He was my best friend and was the best dog ever! He was very loyal and was very protective over me. He was 13 when I had to say goodbye to him.. it was the hardest thing I had ever experienced. This is why I go into high kill shelters and rescue animals that look scared – because I know first hand they have so much love to offer. There are too many times I hear or see those same dogs who are scared to death be subject to euthanasia. So because of Lucky, there will be an ongoing legacy and dogs will be saved who have never been given a second chance at a fur-ever home.

We also pull cats from shelters and place them into loving homes. We partner with several local pet stores to house our cats for the community to visit and possibly give those who have never been given a second chance a fur-ever home!

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